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Five Feet Apart

Emilie Voigt, 11/1

Who are you? – Paula Noske, 9/4

You notice the change, but don´t see how you have changed.
You notice the silence, but don´t see how silent you are.
You notice the music, but don´t hear what it sounds like.

You notice the sun, but don´t see how it shines.
You notice the rainbow, but don´t see the colours.
You notice the wind, but don´t feel the air.

You notice the others, but don´t see who they are.
You notice your thoughts, but cannot think.
You notice so much, but don´t know what it is.

You notice yourself, but don´t know who you are.

I come from Germany – Arthur Kohlmüller, 9/4

I come from a small country, with great opportunities
I come from a country, where all the people have the same rights
I come from a country, with green forests and high mountains
I come from a country, with structure and order

I come from a country, where people have no humor
I come from a country, where dogs are loved more than children
I come from a country, where there is silence at 10 p.m.
I come from a country, where the administration still works with fax machines

I come from a country, that places great demands on itself
I come from a country, that tries to stay at the top
I come from a country, where people are performance-oriented

Can I be proud to be a German …

I come from – Arina Marfina, 9/2

I come from a place with endless forests and large fields.
I come from one of the places where people are very close to nature.

I come from one of the most beautiful cultures where all people behave like family.

I come from a location where religion plays a very big role.
I come from the starting point of Slavic culture.

I come from a home that someone will call poor.
I come from wars that lead to freedom.
I come from politics full of lies and threats.

I come from cold winters where you need to wear a lot of fur coats.
I come from near the coldest winters of the world.

I come from people full of love and hope in their hearts.

I come from – Julius Lugert, 9/2

I come from the monument of Marx,
I come from candle archs, nutcrackers and this culture,
I come from to live like a saxon and his dialect.

I come from leaving and refinding friends,
I come from bullying of former classmates,
I come from swimming trough a river of tears.

I come from losing matches and never-won cups,
I come from sweat running down my face,
I come from don‘t forgetting that‘s it just a game.

I come from capitals and countries of the globe,
I come from written stories, some of this only in my mind,
I come from the songs, I‘m not able to sing.

I come from falling into deep holes,
I come from ups and downs like waves in storm,
I come from learning to get up again and again.

I come from the stories behind parents, grandparents and ancestors,
I come from the places, people and other things,
Which makes me feel home.